Goodbye P


What: A handmade present from Pita.
Where: Mx City
Why: I didn’t even take a bunch of pictures today, must be my mood already haha. Anyways Pita gave me this today, it’s like my goodbye present aww. It’s really cool I think. So tomorrow I’m leaving and… It’s really sad! BTW There were some cool shots from yesterday but I realized I had already posted a picture for yesterday.



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2 responses to “Goodbye P

  1. valerie_Cui

    buuuu como se ve que pita no tiene universidad… jaja… ay mana tristeza mil q tu viaje fuera taaaan fucking corto y q la IBERO me quite de vdd el tiempo… mil cosas q hacer, q platicar pero ya 2 meses y tu aca o yo allá…
    cuidt han!!!

  2. peaches

    esa valery y sus comments…mas q nada creo le hare uno a ella y tal vez asi deje de celosear jajaja que bien q te haya gustado cara de ardilla mancha negra despeinada visible desde mi avion :p te quiero mil masones

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